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Only the best raw materials are used for our garments. Thorough production and a multi-level quality control ensure a high quality standard. The utilized wool fabrics made out of Merino and sheep’s wool are natural products offering unique properties. They vary according to the raw material so they need a special user’s care.

We are very sorry that one of our products is defective despite careful material selection and comprehensive quality control.

We guarantee a legal warranty of 2 years on all of our products. Claims can be made under warranty on presentation of the proof of purchase.

Damage caused by normal use, wear, accidents and improper use are excluded from the warranty.

Please note that wool products in particular require special care. A loss of function caused by incorrect care is not covered by the warranty.

Always try to repair your product for reasons of sustainability. Should this not be possible, the item will be exchanged. In the latter case, your item will be automatically retained and disposed of.

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