more than a route

A film about ORTOVOX athlete Lena Müller and her inspiring vision of ECOPOINT CLIMBING - climbing by fair means.

our route beyond

Get out of your routines and choose the responsible way - with our climate neutral alpine climbing collection.


Against the odds

The weather is unpredictable and changeable – and that’s the way it should be. We don’t want nature to be predictable – we want equipment that will see us through any conditions we encounter!

2,5l civetta jacket
traverse 28 s dry

Equipped for the verticals

Craggy terrain, steep rock faces – when out and about in this terrain, you need robust and reliable equipment. With the new, durable CASALE PANTS and the new, practical TRAD ZERO chalk bags, you are perfectly equipped for this terrain.

pala pants
trad chalkbag

Protective layer for high summits

The higher you go in the mountains, the more demanding the terrain. Our WESTALPEN collection in new colors and the weatherproof PEAK DRY backpack series are perfectly geared for rock and ice, for sudden changes of weather, and for sweat-inducing ascents.

3l westalpen jacket
peak 40 dry

The minimalist for long routes

the new trad zero backpacks

The minimalist for long routes

the new trad zero backpacks

alpine climbing courses

safety on the rockface

From the basics to belaying: depending on your level of knowledge, our state-certified mountain guides will train you in courses for beginners or advanced climbers.

merino wool

The natural functional wonder - 100% mulesing free.