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Fractured pelvis
Fractured pelvis

Fractured pelvis

A fractured pelvis can result from a high-impact fall involving the pelvis, e.g. a collision or crash landing, or impact from falling rock. This is a very rare injury.

Step 1: Lower person down

Pelvic fractures are very painful. Being suspended from a rope is almost unbearable for the injured person. Any movement will cause excruciating pain. Nevertheless, the accident victim cannot be left hanging from the rock face, particularly if professional rescue will take some time. You should make one attempt to lower the person off to a flatter area. If this is not possible, the person will have to be stabilized and supported on the rock face.

Step 2: Prepare base layer

An accident victim with a suspected fractured pelvis should be lowered off very carefully with the support of one or multiple helpers. In order to avoid unnecessary frequent movement of the injured person, prepare a “bed” at the spot where the accident victim will lie using a bivy bag and any other soft objects (empty backpack, coiled ropes from other climbing parties). Do not remove the harness as this will only cause unnecessary additional pain.

Step 3: Look after person

Once the injured person is lying on the bivy bag, ensure they are warm and receive good psychological support. Leave the helmet on if you are in an area potentially at risk from rockfall.

An emergency call and a professional rescue team are required for evacuation to a hospital.