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Rope team procedures: moving on alpine rock faces

on the rock face

The rules of the game on vertical rock faces

The conditions are right, you’ve planned your climb, and you’re ready to go! You want to feel the raw cliff under your fingers with your climbing partner and work your way, pitch by pitch, to the summit. Now every move must be just right: From knots to belaying and rappelling – well-founded alpine climbing expertise is what’s called for!

In this third chapter, we’ll familiarize you with fundamental knowledge about alpine climbing. This knowledge is an important component for any rope team that wants to get into alpine climbing. Topics such as knot tying, belaying or the use of anchors play a central role. When your rope team arrives at the summit, that’s by no means the end of the climb – quite the opposite: The descent can be long and hard. As many mistakes are made here, we’ll pay particular attention to rappelling and descents.

Only when you and your climbing partner have mastered all aspects of alpine climbing can you recognize, avoid and promptly act on mistakes.