ORTOVOX emergency card

For better treatment after emergencies

Quick and efficient treatment can save lives in an emergency. First responders and mountain search and rescue need as much information about the injured party as possible so they can start treatment at the site of the accident. For this reason, we worked together with alpine scientist and expert Walter Würtl to develop the ORTOVOX emergency card. It includes all of the most important information to ensure that first responders and mountain search and rescue can provide the best possible care. 

Walter Würtl

ORTOVOX Emergency Card

“The ORTOVOX emergency card should accompany you on all of your adventures and tours and help rescuers to perform better in case of an emergency.”

Walter Würtl

REMINDER: Keep up to date with mountain safety information

An overview of the emergency card

Overview- Emergency card

The ORTOVOX emergency card will be your most important companion in the mountains. The emergency card includes important information about the injured party for the first responder, as well as emergency numbers and the alpine emergency signal. Special personal information such as allergies, vaccinations and pre-existing conditions enable professional rescuers to efficiently treat the injured party. All information at a glance – saves time and can save lives.

Emergency Card integrated in products

The ORTOVOX emergency card will be integrated in extra compartments in all backpacks and safety products as standard from summer 2017.

ORTOVOX products with integrated emergency card

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