Swiss wool on your back

Since 1988, we have used wool in our mountain sports apparel. We have developed a wear comfort system based on the unique functionality of these natural fibres. Using an innovative production process we have now managed to integrate Swiss wool into the PEAK series backpack back system and provide unique comfort to the place where we sweat most: the back.

New challenges spur us on

Over two  years of development work have gone into SWISSWOOL FULL CONTACT, the new back system used in PEAK backpacks.

Backpack innovation with scientific foundation

As part of a Master’s thesis, numerous long-term tests carried out both in the field and in the laboratory attested to the functionality of our Swiss wool also in a back system for backpacks.

New interpreted of well-known functionality

Different material mixes with wool in different shapes from diverse pressing processes were tested until a back system was found that offers the wearer the best possible comfort and which has proven its longevity.

Developed for comfort

The image clearly shows that the area of the middle and lower back is the body’s main sweat area. This is where the new PEAK backpack series comes in. Thanks to the wool in the back of the backpack, it can absorb much more moisture than conventional backpacks that are made using foam material, for example. Our Swiss wool simultaneously improves breathability and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Swisswool Full Contact - advantages at one glance*

  • 29 times higher moisture absorbency
  • Surface dries faster
  • Dries just as quickly
  • 7% more breathable


* to comparative backs: Backpack cushion, made of foam material (7mm thick), laid on 3D mesh

How we geht the wool into the back of the backpack

Every backpack back is produced by hand in the Franconian town of Dinkelsbühl. Here we use woolen fleeces that are combined with a punch-hole covering and shaped under 1.5 tons of pressure. Finally, the shape is cut with millimeter accuracy and undergoes quality testing.

Swisswool - Produced by nature

Swisswool comes from the harsh mountainous landscape of the Swiss Alps. Not many years ago, small businesses in Switzerland earned very little or no money with sheep’s wool. Because Swiss second-shearing wool cannot be woven directly, it did not attain competitive prices in global markets. When federal subsidies for the raising of sheep were reduced or completely eliminated, many Swiss sheep farmers were nearly driven out of business. Swisswool is, however, best used as a high quality and natural insulation material.