Mountain Safety Pioneers since 1980

Since the company was founded in 1980 in the south of Munich, ORTOVOX has stood for a sophisticated protection and comfort system for the mountains, characterized by the responsible treatment of people and nature. As pioneers in the avalanche safety field, we have played a key role in the development of emergency equipment for mountain sports. Innovative products, but also targeted training measures, are valuable contributions to making mountain sports a little bit safer and to saving lives every day.
Since 1988, mountain sports apparel made with wool has enhanced the ORTOVOX product range. As wool experts, we have developed a wear comfort system from the first to the third layer that offers the highest functionality, protection and comfort in the mountains through an intelligent combination of natural material with other innovative fibers.
Sustainable management is the hallmark of all of our entrepreneurial endeavors. Commitment to safe and fair working conditions is just as important to this as dedication to the wellbeing of the sheep and the environmentally friendly manufacture of our products.

ORTOVOX sees itself as both a winter and summer brand. The passion for untouched snow on ski tours or freerides propels the brand on in just the same way as shared experiences when alpine climbing, mountaineering or on alpine tours. Friendship characterizes every interaction at the company – within the team, with customers and with partners and suppliers – in the mountains and in everyday life.


Protection is ORTOVOX’s highest priority. As our number one brand value, it is the central focus of all of our activities. Here, protection refers not only to products that protect against the elements in dangerous situations on the mountain, but also includes the protection of humans and nature. Safe and fair working conditions are prime examples of this, as are the highest standards of animal protection on our Tasmanian merino farms. 

Our Brand Values


    We love virgin snow. We want to inspire people who, like us, are searching for an unfiltered mountain experience in natural surroundings. That’s why we provide equipment for demanding ski mountaineers, so they can climb and descend safely.


    We are driven by the thought that every product should work at the decisive moment, so ski mountaineers can completely focus on their mountain experience. The functional design of our products contributes to your safety on the mountain.


    As pioneers we have played a key role in the development of mountain safety equipment. After over 30 years, our aim is still to make alpine sports safer and to save lives – with our uncompromising emergency equipment and specialized training. Numerous innovations, like the first double frequency avalanche transceiver, show that we continue to develop products that offer maximum protection in the mountains.


    Within the ORTOVOX team, we help and support each other. We are bound together by friendship because we share a passion for the mountains, truly identify with our support for ORTOVOX and have fun together. Our trusting, friendly partnership with our dealers and partners is characterized by proximity, personal contact, goodwill and reliability.


    We have been using sheep’s wool to make different layers of clothing for over 25 years and are pioneers of functional wool clothing for alpine sports. Our expertise lies in the intelligent combination of this natural material with other innovative fabrics. With the resulting easy-wear system, we provide our customers with unique functionality and wear characteristics.


    Since the company was founded in 1980 in the south of Munich, our thoughts and our trade have been shaped by our proximity to the Bavarian-Austrian culture. Past experiences in the fascinating Alpine world continue to be an inspiration for innovative and highly functional products. From the Alps for the mountains of the world.


    Nature is our basis for personal satisfaction and business success. We consciously take full responsibility for the environment and people in all of our business activities, so that we can also pass on this asset to generations to come. We are intensely committed to fair and safe working conditions, the SUSTAINABILITY wellbeing of our sheep, and ensuring that our products are manufactured in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. When it comes to transparency and accountability, we want to set an example for other brands – both within our industry and beyond.

History of ORTOVOX