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Look at what you can discover when you’re mindful in the mountains.


What do mountain sports mean to you? The time it takes to reach the summit, an entry in Strava, an Instagram post? What say we push all the likes, lists, comparisons and gamifications aside? Then we can turn out attention to what is really important: the unique mountain landscape. Be honest: How much do you really know about flora and fauna, streams and soils? Not much? Then here are a few fun educational apps, some important information and tasty recipes. Then here are a few fun educational apps and some important information.


Safe drinking water: What do you need to consider if you want to fill up your bottle from a natural source when you’re out and about?

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Five cooking and healing herbs you can find in the mountains and five apps you can learn from on a tour.

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Can you identify the tracks of the chamois and wood grouse? Which pads and claws belong to which animals?

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We bear the responsibility for our actions and want to reduce our negative impact on people, animals and nature. To do this, we have developed extensive measures and committed ourselves to strict standards.

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