Gerald Kampel and Jürgen Wegner develop the first double frequency transceiver, ORTOVOX F2 for searching avalanche victims. Until then all avalanche transceivers in use would send and receive in different frequencies (2, 275kHz and 457 kHz). This would often lead to fatal avalanche accidents when victims could not be found quickly enough due to differences in frequency. The F2 can send and receive on both frequencies and is received with enthusiasm. Within 2 years it became number one on the market.


The ORTOVOX powder rucksack and the ORTOVOX avalanche shovel are added to the legendary F2. 

Even today – after more than 20 years – products from that time are still in use showing the exceptional quality they are made of. 

1988 | WALK WOOL

ORTOVOX develops sophisticated sport fashion made of Walk wool. The touring jackets and sweaters, hats, gaiters, gloves and socks are made of 100% Walk sheep wool and, compared to synthetic fibers, gives natural advantages.

1989 | ORTOVOX F1

Brings the introduction of a completely new type of avalanche transceiver. The ORTOVOX F1 classic with flexible belt system, integrated speakers and optional earpiece is born. 


The companies name is changed to ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmBH. 

The ORTOVOX F1 plus, the first avalanche transceiver with LED technique is introduced. An additional LED light, and the opportunity to search for friends as well as lost equipment is a distinct development on the transceiver market. 


The first sweaters, hats and headbands made of cosy wool fleece are added to the range. The soft wool fleece is super light, comfortable to wear and, thanks to the integrated SUPERWASH, easy to care for. 


The legendary F1 focus is presented. It breaks all sales records and becomes the most sold avalanche transceiver worldwide. The idea: To make a search easier by introducing an arrow made up of the three traffic light colours. This visual search aid significantly helps to “find a victim faster and more easily”. 


The first functional underwear made of Merino wool is being introduced: Shirts, pants and turtle-neck tops for Alpine skiing, ski touring and mountain walking mean that the need to frequently change base layers has become a thing of the past.


ORTOVOX starts working together with the extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander and together develop the ORTOVOX rucksack model “X-light”. Made of a combination of Ripstop Cordura and Powernet Thermolight, it is extremely tough but very light, weighing only 380g. 

1998 | ORTOVOX M1

The ORTOVOX M1 – “a star was born”! It is the birth year of the first fully compatible, digital-analogue avalanche transceiver. The m stands for menu control.

1999 | ORTOVOX M2

Development is fast – the ORTOVOX M2 is even faster. 

The avalanche transceiver with the fastest method of switching from send to search mode. It also features a unique innovative belt system and a function to reliably locate several victims. Until the introduction of the M2, no other ORTOVOX avalanche transceiver had ever been declared winner in as many tests worldwide.


The M2 EXCLUSIVE EDITION is developed as a “birthday present” to celebrate ORTOVOX’s 20th anniversary. A fully compatible, digital and analog avalanche transceiver from the latest generation of devices in an exclusive transparent blue design.

2002 | ORTOVOX X1

ORTOVOX launches its first digital avalanche transceiver with direct direction display. With its two antennas, the X1 automatically regulates the reception volume from the first reception to pinpointing. The X1 boasts impressive ease of use, unsurpassed reach (up to 70m), high precision and a fully automatic search system. The search for several signals is automatic. For freeriders, we develop a special “POWDER PERFORMANCE” backpack line that combines trendy design with function. The premium model, the TOP RIDER, is equipped with special back protectors to protect the spine, and provides space for coordinated safety equipment.

2003 | Ortovox Netwool Light

Thanks to the huge success of the TOP RIDER model, further sizes are added to the line. From fall 2003, this freeride backpack is available in three back sizes to ensure it fits like a second skin, for women, too. An additional microprocessor in the 2003 version of the ORTOVOX X1 enables quicker display speeds. “Netwool light” is the name of the new line of 100% merino wool underwear. Developed by Ortovox, this way of processing merino wool is invigorating the underwear market.


Two completely new backpack lines are developed in addition to the five-backpack POWDER PERFORMANCE LINE. Cooperation with sports orthopedists leads to the new “O-Flex-Frame” back and carrying system, which guarantees an optimal fit and minimizes strain. New standards are set with the 100% merino wool functional underwear. Even finer merino wool and a thinner yarn allow for a lighter quality that ensures improved wellbeing both in winter and in summer. This comfort is underpinned with fresh colors. Ines Papert wins the Ice Climbing World Cup for the third time in a row, wearing ORTOVOX merino functional underwear, which is available in four different qualities and in special cuts for men and women.


ORTOVOX turns 25! The new logo makes it clear that ORTOVOX is far from outdated. ORTOVOX stands for products that ensure more safety and fun for physical activities out in nature. The direction is clear: Maintaining the position of global market leader for avalanche safety equipment and expanding the backpack and clothing segments. You can look forward to the next 25 years with ORTOVOX.