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Perhaps you’ve found a definite destination for but you haven’t found the right tour to get you there. Then get hands-on and plan your own tour! We will show you how to do it step by step on our SAFETY ACADEMY LAB ROCK digital training platform.


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There is a lot to keep in mind when searching for your dream tour to virgin powder slopes. Find out here what role the weather, the avalanche report and the topographic map of the area have to play.

high alpine tours

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Planning and preparing a high alpine tour is time-consuming and more complex than the average alpine tour as far as equipment is concerned. On mixed terrain with snow, ice and rock, your boots must be crampon-compatible, your sunglasses suitable for use on a glacier, and you should be equipped with a harness, rope, slings and carabiners for your rope team.

Alpine Tours

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A good tour plan is made up of several different factors. You have to pay as much attention to your own climbing skills as to assessing the conditions and the right time-planning.