committed to the future

will bennett is owp farmer from deep conviction

The Bennett family have been living from and with merino sheep in the Tasmanian midlands since 1853. Will represents the fifth generation at Ashby Farm and is fully committed to our ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE. He is a role model in the Tasmanian merino industry.

“Even during the initial talks, my inner voice was telling me that becoming part of the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE was not only right but important too. We have to show that this is the path to the future".


Putting the protection of animals, nature, and people at the center of everything we do. That’s why they focus upon sustainable agriculture, and guarantee that we will categorically refrain from mulesing. Just as unique and fundamental are our friendly relationships with our farmers and the transparency of the story behind the development of our products.



Animal protection is extremely important and we naturally (in every sense of the word) consider it a duty of ours. For our OWP we have defined 64 points which guarantee that our sheep really thrive. One of the most important of these is ORTOVOX refraining from practices like mulesing, which cause unnecessary pain and stress.



Wool is a natural fiber and therefore a holistic product. Soil, water, grass – our wool is a part of the natural cycle. Our farmers practice sustainable agriculture in order to provide the ideal conditions for both humans and animals, today and for generations to come.

It was not easy to find farmers who wanted to take the OWP path with us. Today, our small team of sheep farmers is all the stronger and more committed – and we are all the more impressed by and excited about them and their products. Our cooperation is close and friendly, and by working together this way we gain new strengths that can really make a difference.


We can follow the development of our products all the way back to their source: the sheep farms in Tasmania. Transparency and the monitoring of the complex delivery chain are a real challenge, but at the same time are a real labor of love. It is also important to us to introduce the people who are at the beginning of it all: our farmers – the producers of our clean wool.

functional mountainwear with fair merino wool