Small packing size

Sensationally compact with the best possible protection.


The activation unit sits inside the venturi, creating a completely closed, robust system that functions without electricity. Dirt, ice and corrosion can all be excluded.


The innovative welding technology used to make the airbag ensures the smallest pack size at the same time as im proving its resistance to tearing and leaks.


The AVABAG unit is quick and easy to upgrade and is compatible with all ORTOVOX AVABAG backpacks. 


AVABAG. Fully release-optimized thanks to ergonomic grip.


Two length positions guarantee individual adjustability. What’s more, the front-facing grip improves ease of access, even in the case of awkward falls.


Ergonomic form in 360° design with a non-slip surface enables easiest release with all types of gloves and release grips for both left and right-handed users.


On the lift the grip can be stored quickly and safely in the zipped compartment, without compromising wear comfort.