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Colour grey blend

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Basic protection for your hands

Very warm, traditional gloves made from Swiss wool for cold winter days


  • Outstanding thermal properties and unparalleled climate control
  • Wool warms even when wet
  • CLASSIC MILLED WOOL: fair, sustainable and regional

Made from 100% virgin wool, the SWISSWOOL CLASSIC GLOVE offers all the benefits of wool to keep your hands at the optimum temperature.

In winter and summer alike: Our SWISSWOOL CLASSIC GLOVE in 100% virgin wool offers basic protection for hands and fingers on hills and high mountains.
The positive features of wool really come into their own in gloves, as wool warms even when it gets wet. Virgin wool is also known for its excellent thermal properties and optimum climate control. Our SWISSWOOL CLASSIC WOOL GLOVE is also made from fair-trade wool from Switzerland, which makes it particularly sustainable.
Whether you’re out on a ski tour or an alpine tour: Your fingers will always be nice and warm with the SWISSWOOL CLASSIC GLOVE.


The virgin wool we use is produced locally in Switzerland. SWISSWOOL has set up collection stations specifically for this purpose in many Swiss Alpine valleys, some of which are very remote, guaranteeing a fair price for raw wool. This has led to a revival in sheep farming and wool production, which are often quite unprofitable. After the raw wool has been weighed, it is washed and then processed. ORTOVOX then provides the unique design and functionality during the manufacture of the end product.

Area of usage

High Alpine
Ski Tour

Article number: 51501
100% virgin wool (SWISSWOOL)


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Merino Wool

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