Freeride backpacks

Maximum protection combined with an ideal fit: ORTOVOX freeride backpacks provide the ideal support in deep snow and demanding terrain. Take a closer look at the intelligent design of our freeride backpacks!

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When should you use an ORTOVOX freeriding backpack?

Our FREE RIDER models make the perfect companions for downhill runs far from the madding crowd.

In accord with our guiding principle “ORTOVOX protects”, we focused upon your protection when designing these backpacks: They are fitted with an innovative, TÜV-certified back protector. And our freeriding backpacks sit snug on your back and match your every movement when you’re going uphill! This is also true in the severe cold, because the back protector and back system form one flexible unit.


Well protected with your ORTOVOX freeriding backpack

ORTOVOX freeriding backpacks ensure you’re safe out on the powder.

  • Maximum protection for your back: With its eight pads, the SPS Flex back protector sits optimally against your back and absorbs impact. The protector’s viscoelastic foam quickly returns to its original shape after impacts. It can also withstand multiple impacts (the protectors do not lose their effectiveness after impact). Optimum cushioning provided by the back protector keeps the stress on your body to a minimum.
  • Features for your safety: An integrated emergency card, separate safety compartment for emergency equipment and a chest strap with signal whistle come as standard with ORTOVOX backpacks.
  • Optimum fit for optimum protection: The wide wraparound hip strap on freeriding backpacks ensures the back protector sits perfectly and comfortably – especially when it matters most.

Good to know: Despite their many features, freeriding backpacks weigh very little.


What size should my freeriding backpack be?

To ensure your freeriding backpack provides the best possible protection, it is important that it sits well. Therefore, ORTOVOX freeriding backpacks come in three different sizes: “S” (for “short”), “R” (for “regular”) and “L” (for “long”).

Backpacks with an “S” in their name have shorter back systems and are especially suitable for people with short backs.

  • If you are approx. 150–175cm tall with a back length of 36–44cm, we recommend a “short” (S) freeriding backpack.
  • If you are approx. 170–195cm tall with a back length of 42–50cm, we recommend a “regular” (R) backpack.
  • If you are approx. 180–210cm tall and have a back length of 47–56cm, a “long” (L) backpack will be best for you.

This is how to find out which backpack size is right for you: Measure the length of your back from the 7th cervical vertebra (easy to feel on the back of your neck) to the top of your hip bone.

Find detailed information about how to determine your back length.

In just a few clicks, our backpack advisor will show you the models that are suitable for you.


Optimal features: One backpack – many benefits

When it comes to freeride backpacks, we value high functionality and protection. See the many benefits of the ORTOVOX FREE RIDER series for yourself!

ORTOVOX backpack standard features 

These essential features come as standard with ORTOVOX backpacks:

  • Emergency card
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • Compression strap
  • Bright color inside
  • Hydration system compatibility
  • Ski and snowboard fastenings

Benefits of the freeriding backpacks for men and women

Discover the many benefits and special features of ORTOVOX freeriding backpacks:

  • TÜV-certified back protector: Eight pads provide maximum protection against impacts and reliably cushion external forces
  • Wide hip belt: A wide, comfortable hip belt for an optimal body-hugging fit – even when you’re in motion
  • Access to the main compartment from the front and back
  • Clear interior: Bright color inside, a simple, consistent compartment structure and optimum use of the total volume
  • Practical hip pocket
  • Separate safety compartment for emergency equipment, with signal-color zipper
  • Ice axe and hiking pole fastening
  • Ski and snowboard fastenings, so you can handle even the steepest of ascents
  • Helmet net

Find your ORTOVOX freeriding backpack!

Need more information? You’ll find useful links to information about ORTOVOX backpacks on our backpack service page.

Or try out our backpack advisor: It will help you find the model that’s right for you.