Photo: Hansi Heckmair

ORTOVOX backpack sizes

Determine the perferct backpack size according to your back length

The size of your backback is important for your safety and comfort. That's why we have developed the ORTOVOX backpacks in different sizes for different back lengths. These three steps provide all the information on how to determine the perfect size and shape for your backpack.

Determine back length

Determine back lenght

To determine the back length, use a measuring tape to measure yourself from the top of the hip bone  up to the 7th cervical vertebra (it clearly protrudes).

regular back system

 The regular back system may be used for a back length from 42 cm to 50 cm.*

Small back system

The short back system may be used for a back length from 36 cm to 44 cm.*

* The sizes are advisory only. All backpacks should be tried on in person.


Our S-backpacks are specially designed for women and men with shorter backs. They are primarily characterized by their significantly shorter backsystem, which makes them perfect for people with short backs. The hip and shoulder straps have alsobeen adapted to the female anatomy: The shoulderstraps are thinner and shorter and have a pronouncedS-shape. However, the hip finsare shorter and conical formed.
Regular backback front

Regular backpack:

Shoulder straps are wider and longer, and adjusted to fit a more voluminous upper body.

Hips fins are ergonomically shaped.

S-Backpack front


Shoulder straps are thinner and shorter and have a pronounceds-shape.

Hip fins are shorter and conical formed.


Size notice freeride series

Those who get away from the masses and head to the mountains need protection. But only gear that fits properly can protect the body perfectly. That’s the reason why the ORTOVOX FREERIDER line comes in three different sizes. With our TÜV-CERTIFIED PROTECTORS protectors, we offer injury protection for every height and back length. SHORT (S) is perfect for a back length of 36 – 44 cm and a height of approx. 150 – 175 cm, REGULAR for a back length of 42 – 50 cm and a height of approx. 170 – 195 cm and LONG (L) for a back length of 47 – 56 cm and a height of approx. 180 – 210 cm. The wide wraparound hip strap ensures the protector fits perfectly – especially when it matters most.