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Nacho Olmedo

My life is all about being up in the mountains. I was a freestyler years ago. I felt that my place was deeper in the nature, far from the human-made features. So I bought my avy equipment and I became a fulltime freerider. I’ve learned a lot from my freeride buddies in the Pyrenees, they’ve helped me so much to improve! Now, I just have fun; competing, shooting, travelling… At the same time, the study of snow became a passion to me. I started reading snow science books by my own. Then I focused my studies on avalanche security and snow dynamics. Nowadays, I work as an engineer on avalanche and rockfall research. So I stay always next to the playground. In my free time: climbing, slacklining, trail running, Mtb… I feel like a lucky guy for enjoying mountain and skiing that much. That’s even better when you share these moments with awesome people.


Das town, Catalonia (Spain) and Grenoble (France)


ORTOVOX / Luminox / Scott


Enjoing the powder in Europe before the full autonomy expedition in Siberia for discovering/freeriding the BAM range.

Why Ortovox?

ORTOVOX and I, we both have the same vision of the outdoor sports. Going out there with the best stuff makes you feel more comfortable in the most exposed moments.

Favorite Summit

Hard to say but definitely at the Ecrins range (french alps).

Best Descent

Leucemia chute (Argentina) steep and narrow chute, where you need to manage the sluff. Or the North face of the Grand Aiguille de la Berarde (France): a stylish long and steep chute.

Safety Tip

Think, observe, think again.


I guess that my biggest achievement is to enjoy mountains as much as I do.

Skiing is just the best way to enjoy the mountains and to express yourself.
Nacho Olmedo
Nacho Olmedo
Nacho Olmedo
Nacho Olmedo
Nacho Olmedo