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Matt & Sarah Park

Climbing shaped our lives individually and brought us together. Both of us are natives of Utah and have a passion for the outdoors in all seasons. After Sarah finished a Bachelors Degree, we decided we'd had enough of apartment life and started living in our Volkswagon bus. That kicked off a goal to live in a van, work just enough to make ends meet, and play in the mountains every day. We called it, "The Bus Life." Four years and a newer and better van later, we are still living by the same values and are continuing to make living and working in the outdoors our life. Heading into our fifth winter living in a van, we are more excited than ever to get out skiing and climbing every day.


Utah County


ORTOVOX, Big Agnes, Nikwax


Be out in the mountains every day, progress as skiers, climbers, and humans.

Why Ortovox?

"It's important to have the right gear in the mountains, and it's important to us tohave quality gear we can depend on, made by ethical companies that have a souland a passion for the outdoors. It makes ORTOVOX a no-brainer."

Favorite Summit

Denali via the Cassin Ridge

Best Descent

Mountaineers route, Mt. Whitney

Safety Tip

Dial in your communication in the backcountry. Don't hoot and holler while skiing or watching your partner ski. Only yell if something has gone wrong.


Climbed 2 of the 7 summits, lived in vehicles for more than half of our marriage.

"Live deep, and suck out all the marrow of life."
Matt & Sarah Park
Matt & Sarah Park
Matt & Sarah Park
Matt & Sarah Park
Matt & Sarah Park