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Adam Wirth

My grandfather sparked my interest in the mountains at a young age, showing me the beauty and enjoyment of the backcountry of Colorado and Wyoming. I learned to ski in the shadows of the Tetons was exposed to so many iconic climbers and skiers as a kid. That experience has given me a respect and love for being in the backcountry and high alpine. Now as father of two, I continue stoke my own inner fire for mountain adventures while hopefully making an impression on my own kids. Ski mountaineering is definatley what gets me the most excited. I still get over to visit my parents and friends in the Tetons but I live in Boise, Idaho and skiing in Idaho's Central Moutains has become my main focus. There are so many great zones to explore in our vast Idaho mountain ranges. I find myself dreaming about the next wild adventure sometimes before we even get home from the last trip.


Boise/Moose Wyoming




Keep pushing myself both physically and mentally in the mountains. Learning and following the evolution of snow science is important to me so broadening my knowledge base is a key goal each year. Having fun is always the ultimate goal.

Why Ortovox?

The combination of well thought out products designed for functional use and a strong snow safety focus is the key differntiator with ORTOVOX.

Favorite Summit

Finger of Fate (Sawtooths, Idaho)

Best Descent

My wife says that I say "that was the best day in the mountains" after nearly every trip, so it is hard to pick the best descent. Skiing the Ford/Stettner Route on the Grand Teton sticks out for sure as top day of ski mountianeering and skiing the Shield off Horstman Peak in the Sawtooth range last spring was also pretty special.

Safety Tip

Don’t assume we are void of making mistakes and always take that extra moment to ask yourself, "what am I missing; what will they say I screwed up when they file the accident report?"


Raising two kids to love and respect the mountains.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Mae West
Adam Wirth
Adam Wirth