Hardshell pants and rain pants for men

Thanks to the material combination of merino wool and high-performance membranes, with hardshell pants you are perfectly protected even in difficult weather conditions. The waterproof pants for men protect you reliably from wind and weather and score at the same time with excellent climate management.

Insulation effect

Hardshell pants for men: Perfect protection against wind and rain

ORTOVOX rain pants boast impressive durability, a robust design and excellent climate-regulating properties.

Whether freeriding, mountaineering or on a high alpine tour – you’ll need hardshell pants whenever you want to effectively protect your legs against wind, rain and snow. They’ll perfectly match your hardshell jacket and ensure your skin stays dry and protected.

We have the right hardshell pants for every mountain sport activity – to suit your specific needs.


Rain pants for alpinists: Waterproof and breathable

ORTOVOX hardshell pants for men mean perfect climate control and ideal protection against the wet. With a water column of at least 20,000mm, ORTOVOX rain pants are reliably wind and waterproof. 

For mountain sports, your hardshell pants have to be breathable. Whether on a ski tour or high alpine tour – your body produces moisture that needs to be wicked to the outside to ensure your skin stays warm and dry. 

Thanks to a highly functional combination of wool and a high-performance membrane, ORTOVOX hardshell pants will impress you with their outstanding climate and temperature management.


What size and fit should I choose?

Your rain pants should offer you freedom of movement yet be tight enough to ensure the climate regulation works perfectly. When buying your hardshell pants, think about what other layers you wish to wear underneath them.


What features are important in hardshell pants?

Our range includes rain pants with various characteristics and features. Depending upon your activity of choice, the following factors could be relevant for you:

  • Weight and pack size: for easy transport in your backpack
  • Side zippers: make it easier to put on mountaineering boots or crampons
  • Ventilation zippers: support effective climate control
  • Adjustable ankle cuffs: for adjustable protection against the wind and wet
  • Thigh or hip pockets: for GPS devices or maps
  • Integrated gaiters: for additional protection against snow and water
  • Adjustable waistband: provides additional comfort
  • Protection against sharp edges: reduces wear and tear and protects the pants

What makes ORTOVOX hardshell pants so special? Our combination of materials.

ORTOVOX rain pants benefit from the perfect interplay of natural merino wool with high-performance membranes. 

Soft merino wool provides great comfort and excellent moisture regulation. It is perfect in mountainwear thanks to its extraordinary functions, such as the fantastic way it absorbs moisture and wicks it to the outside, meaning your skin never feels wet. 

And a high-performance membrane such as Toray Dermizax®EV reliably protects against the wind and wet, and offers highly functional climate management.

Read more about our extraordinary materials in our material lexicon.


Do you still have questions about our rain pants for mountain sports?

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