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The ORTOVOX way of skitouring

NAKED SHEEP is looking for unique moments. No records, no heart rate monitor. It’s all about great moments. Lightness and function are paramount – without ever having to take any risks. NAKED SHEEP means complete concentration on the essentials: Protection. Comfort. Light weight. 


    NAKED SHEEP is a way of life. Light, high-performance products for more enjoyment. For a better time. Spending unique moments with friends. Experiencing enjoyment.


    NAKED SHEEP is real greatness. The extra energy from reaching the summit. More of more: Time with friends. Sharing experiences. Planning new routes. Enjoyment. Made possible by pure functionality.


    NAKED SHEEP is not about racing. It's about SATISFACTION. Having a good time with friends. Making great moments greater. No competitions. ESCAPE FROM HECTIC !


    NAKED SHEEP is being awake. Not following your heart rate while you pace up mountains. It's being part of nature, with lightness and ease!


    NAKED SHEEP is withstanding storms. Being protected. Defying all conditions, but never taking risks. Adapt to Nature! 


    NAKED SHEEP is greatness. A burst of energy after summiting. More of everything. Powder runs, peaks, time with friends. Enabled by the purest functionality. 

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Naked Sheep Collection | Women

Skitour training and Food blog

The NAKED SHEEP seeks out solitary, snow-capped mountains, the first tracks in deep fresh snow and the feeling of unlimited freedom – without taking risks. The NAKED SHEEP makes sure he is fit for winter so he can enjoy these unique moments! Join in with NAKED SHEEP training and prepare for the coming ski tour season efficiently and in a targeted manner with ORTOVOX athlete and athletics coach Chris Ebenbichler and masterchef Markus Semmler. NAKED SHEEP training strengthens your body step-by-step and is easy to build into your everyday work schedule.  

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Get fit for your ski touring season.

In 5 training sets over the course of 10 weeks, ORTOVOX athlete and sports scientist Chris Ebenbichler will show you how to get fit for your ski tour.

The best recipes for your ski touring season.

Master chef Markus Sämmer shares his best dishes for a healthy start to the winter.

As a chef and an enthusiastic mountaineer, Markus sets great store by a healthy, tasty and balanced diet that’s really good for you. So all of these recipes are perfect for ski tourers who like to watch what they eat!