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A trip through the Alps in a camper

A love of the mountains and a housing crisis spark a great adventure: Three months ago, Marlies Czerny and Andi Lattner from lost their apartment. Overnight, they found themselves faced with a decision: What do we do now? After ten seconds frozen in shock, they looked at each other, smiled to themselves, and knew that this was the start “of a whole new story”, says Marlies. The journalist and the photographer decided to pack up and move into a camper. In the meantime, they’ve been on the road for three weeks. However, their journey didn’t get off to the best of starts.

Their first major climbing tour, “Neues Land”, should have taken them up the south face of the Dachstein in 27 pitches. The weather had at last become stable enough for a longer tour. “We were so excited”, says Marlies. But on the approach, Marlies suddenly broke through a snow field near the randkluft and fell three meters. She was unharmed except for a few grazes on her face. “It was such a big shock, because it just came out of nowhere. It proves once again that the mountains can be unpredictable and something can always happen”, says Marlies.

Marlies and Andi have been ORTOVOX athletes for several years

We at ORTOVOX have been accompanying the two athletes for quite a few years now. Marlies’s best-known project was climbing all of the four-thousanders in the Alps within just a few years. We are more than happy to support them in their decision to make an RV their home. The only way to experience the mountains more intensely would probably be in a tent. We’ll be posting regular updates from Marlies and Andi as they undertake the long and challenging climbing tours they so favor.

Two weeks after the accident, Marlies has fully recovered. She and Andi are enjoying life in the van to the full. Have they ever regretted their decision? “Not for a second”, says Marlies. They treasure the flexibility of living in an RV. It allows them to tailor their itinerary and choice of tours to the given conditions, which in turn guarantees them more safety.

Tours in almost every corner of the Alps

Fortunately, the list of tours they want to complete and the appropriate alternatives takes in almost every corner of the Alps. They check the weather, then enter their destination in the GPS. Having successfully climbed the Grand Capucin from the Aiguille du Midi, they are currently spending a few more days in Chamonix. Next, their trip might take them on to the Dolomites and the Bregaglia. They have a variety of tours in mind for Piz Badile in particular.

Marlies and Andi don’t know when their trip will end. In one, two, or even five years? They’ll rely on their inner voices to make this decision. We’ll be accompanying the two athletes on their extraordinary journey through the Alps and sharing the most beautiful, exciting and emotional moments with you regularly via Instagram, Facebook and in our Newsletter. Follow us on Instagram and keep up-to-date!