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Elyse Saugstad

Hailing from Girdwood, Alaska, Elyse immediately fell in love with the mountains at a young age and has centered her life around them ever since. She ski raced intensely while growing up and has since funneled her passion for skiing as a professional skier through freeriding. As a professional skier Elyse has won many international freeride competitions, including being crowned the Freeride World Tour Champion, has filmed with many production companies including TGR and MSP, and has won Powder Video Awards "Best Female Performance." Elyse also co-founded and instructs SAFE AS, a women's specific snow and avalanche safety clinic that tours the US.


I split time between Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, AK and Tahoe City, CA


ORTOVOX, Orage, Blizzard/Tecnica, Alyeska Resort, Scott, Hestra, Arcade Belt Co.


To get as many face shots of powder as possible, ski something that gets my heart rate way up, and throw in a backflip or two.

Why Ortovox?

ORTOVOX makes easy-to-use, cutting-edge safety products that I trust completely, and being able to trust your safety gear is important... since it can mean life or death.

Favorite Summit

I didn't stand on top of it so to speak but one of the raddest peaks out there that I finally got to visit this year is Mt. Saugstad in Bella Coola, BC. It was named after my great-great-great grandpa.

Best Descent

There are so many lines that I have skied that have left a positive impression on me it's hard to pinpoint one specific one that beats the others out. I will say that skiing in AK is probably the most noteworthy as that place is really special for big mountain freeriding.

Safety Tip

Choose backcountry partners that have the same risk tolerance as you, and everyone has the veto power of saying no. And don't be too strong-willed to back off of something. Remember, the mountains aren’t going anywhere and it's all about living to ski another day!


2008 Freeride World Tour Champion, Winner Powder Video Awards "Best Female Performance," winner IF3 International Ski Film Festival "Best Female Freeride Segment," Voted as Top 5 Female in Powder Magazine's Readers' Poll 4 times in the last 5 years, co-founder of SAFE AS

Live to ski another day.
Elyse Saugstad
Elyse Saugstad
Elyse Saugstad