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Checking the system and unlimited training

The REARMING TOOL can be used to check whether the AVABAG-system is tensioned, and if necessary can be used to re-arm the system. The REARMING TOOL can also be used to practice activating the AVABAG as many times as you like:  Releases can be practiced without an installed cartridge to ensure that the wearer is able to react appropriately in a real situation. After activation, the system has to be re-tensioned using the REARMING TOOL.

Increased safety thanks to practice

Together with his team of experts, the Canadian avalanche researcher Pascal Haegeli analyzed 106 avalanche accidents that occurred with airbag users. The result was frightening – one in eight airbag users (12%) did not manage to activate the system during an avalanche. Regular training and our release-optimized grip can help to reduce this number in the future.

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High Alpine
Ski Tour

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