Set 4

Training in autumn - ski touring in winter.

Set 4

Training in autumn - ski touring in winter.

Set 4

Get in Sheep

More power for more ski tours! After six weeks of NAKED SHEEP training, in training set four we’ll be using the strength we’ve built up in our legs and improving our stability. “Feel the power” is the last new strength training session that combines bodyweight exercises with jumping elements to provide new stimuli and generate more strength for mountain ascents. At the same time, more power doesn’t just mean better performance capability, but will also help prevent injury and protect our bodies.

The third interval training set is for training endurance: After the “1 minute interval” and “16 minute interval”, we’ll be ready for the most intensive endurance training session yet. The “30 second interval” will get our metabolisms used to quickly changing levels of effort. This combination of strength and endurance fits perfectly with the strength training session and will provide a balanced training program across the next two weeks that will provide ski tourers with more efficiency in every single step.

THE 10-WEEK TRAINING PLAN to get you fit.

Week 7 + 8

The training plan gives you a daily overview of exercises and timings for training. 

The first part of the fourth training set starts with the new strength training exercises: “Feel the power”. We’ll complete six bodyweight exercises to improve our stability and use the strength we’ve built up in our legs. In the second part of the training set comes the third and most intensive endurance segment: The “30 second interval” will get our metabolisms used to changing levels of strain. When combined with the strength training session, we will have a perfectly complementary training session that will give us more efficiency in every step. 

Exercises step by step


Recipe for a perfect start in the training

Gratinated Swabian pockets (“Maultaschen”)

Real hand-made “Maultaschen” from a recipe created by our friend Heidi who, of course, comes from the German region of Swabia. They always remind me of ski tours we took together to the north of Norway, where her Maultaschen were always a hearty piece of home to fortify us after an exhausting day of touring.

Preparation time: 45min , with homemade pasta ca. 2h

Start cooking now

These products offer optimal protection for your ski tour

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I, the User, understand the risks inherent to participating in training programs.

I accept that risk factors include environmental conditions, technical equipment, atmospheric influences and natural or artificial obstacles. I am also aware that certain movements or actions during training cannot always be predicted or controlled, and therefore cannot be avoided or prevented by safety measures.

It has been recommended that I regularly seek medical clearance to certify my suitability to participate in training and to implement the training contents. 

I am aware of all the consequences associated with incorrect execution and accept that in the event of an accident, injury or other negative effects as a result of the training recommendations, ORTOVOX and Chris Ebenbichler shall be in no way responsible.

In the event of any safety concerns or health impairments, it is recommended that I immediately stop the training program (Naked Sheep training blog).