Athlete: Team ORTOVOX
Photo: Hansi Heckmair

Get in Sheep

with the Naked Sheep Trainingblog

The NAKED SHEEP wants to enjoy unique moments amidst snow-capped peaks. When training, our light sheep is efficient, goal-oriented and motivated – because it is only with sufficient preparation that he can move safely on the mountain. 

Join the NAKED SHEEP on his 10-week training journey and get fit for the start of the upcoming powder season! In NAKED SHEEP TRAINING, ORTOVOX athlete and athletics coach Chris Ebenbichler and masterchef Markus Semmler get you ready for winter step-by-step.

From simple, targeted training sessions and recovery tips to healthy, balanced nutrition: 

Health and efficiency are always the main training focus. NAKED SHEEP training requires no unnecessary equipment or significant time commitment, and so can be built into any ski tourer’s everyday schedule without issue.

One training set includes exercises and nutrition tips for two weeks. The contents are explained comprehensively in videos with images and text. The sessions are published every two weeks.

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Chris Ebenbichler

Mountaineer and Trainingexpert

“If we have a healthy, stable foundation and a strong system, we have the physical qualities to help us in any situation in life. For everyday challenges as well as mountain sports. The ability to move efficiently and adeptly is hugely enriching and affords us new freedoms!”

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Skitour preparation training sessions

Session 1

In the first training set we start with a simple initial test. This is followed by short strength endurance intervals, alternating with longer, less intense sessions. In addition to endurance, we also strengthen the mechanical axis and increase flexibility – for more efficient ascents on ski tours!



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Session 2

In the second training session, we’re concentrating on your core muscles and legs. In the core program we’ll strengthen and stabilize our core muscles, and in the legs program we’ll build an even better and stronger foundation for our ski tour goals. As before, short strength and endurance intervals will alternate with less intense sessions.



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Session 3

The third training session starts with a recovery week. During this we will combine stretching and flexibility exercises with gentle endurance sessions. This will be followed in the second week by more intense intervals, alternating with strengthening exercises we’ve already learned. This way, we’ll achieve the optimal balance between training and resting phases that every ski tourer needs.



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Session 4

Feel the power: In the fourth training session we’ll be improving our stability and using the strength we’ve built up in our legs. The new strength training session includes bodyweight exercises that will provide us with the perfect foundation for effective mountain ascents. We’ll also complete the last endurance training session, which we’ll combine with intervals and exercises we’ve already learned. So that’s two weeks of training that will give us more explosiveness and efficiency in every step!



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Session 5

Final spurt! We’re getting on to the fifth and final training session just in time for the first snowfall. In the first part of this session we’ll be focusing upon endurance exercises, which we will be augmenting with the strength exercises we’ve done before. The second and final week will be a bit easier: active regeneration phases and flexibility exercises will complete the NAKED SHEEP training. Perfect for a fit and powerful start to the ski touring season!

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Recipes for your training

Markus Sämmer

Chef and outdoor enthusiast

"As a chef and passionate outdoor sportsman, Markus Sämmer sets great store by a healthy, tasty and balanced diet that’s really good for you! Athletes should consume a lot of muscle-building protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy oils and fats. The best, organically grown ingredients provide everything a mountaineer needs!"

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Recipe 1

Spiced porridge with dates and winter apple 



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Recipe 2

Homemade fruit bars




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Recipe 3

Wadlviererichter (Re-energizer)



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Recipe 4

Gratinated Swabian pockets (“Maultaschen”




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Recipe 5

One-pot tagliatelle with smoked salmon



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