Other Emergency Equipment
Photo: Hansi Heckmair

Other Emergency Equipment


Extensive material selections, professional production methodologies and high quality control techniques are applied to each ORTOVOX product before it is put on the market. 

Emergency Equipment 

If you originally bought your ORTOVOX product from an authorized ORTOVOX dealer, we grant a five (5) year ORTOVOX factory warranty on all avalanche transceivers starting with the date of production (the warranty expiration date is indicated on the battery compartment test seal. IV/10 means that the factory warranty period will expire with the end of the 4th quarter 2010) and for safety system products and backpacks with the date of your sales receipt. On the shovel ORANGE we grant a two (2) year warranty. Defects caused by accidents, normal use (that don’t affect the functions), wear and tear or improper use are excluded from warranty. In case of warranty, we repair or replace the product. Earphones and batteries are excluded from warranty. Warranty services neither prolong nor renew the period of warranty. 

We will contact you if the defects aren’t covered under warranty.


Service address

Please send your defective safety product or backpack to your national ORTOVOX representative.
You find your local ORTOVOX representative here.
For USA Warranty questions, contact: Warranty ORTOVOX.