Athlete: Michi Mautz
Photo: Hansi Heckmair


Avalanche airbag manufacturer ABS is responding to a fault caused by a supplier with an immediate recall action: all European steel cartridges (black) currently in use with a filling date of before 3 December 2014 must be replaced. 

It is possible that, during the supplier’s filling process, machining residues could have entered the cartridge which would prevent the airbag system from functioning in future. 
All backpacks with ABS TwinBag systems (dual airbags) that have been activated with a steel cartridge are therefore to be returned to ABS for checking. ABS carbon cartridges and ABS Mono airbags are not affected. 

In our avalanche airbags we use the ABS-system. So unfortunately ORTOVOX avalanche airbags are affected by this recall, too. 

Please send affected backpacks/cartridges directly to ABS, not to ORTOVOX. 

More information: https://www.abs-airbag.com/en/service/recall/