Skitour, Safety, AVABAG
Athlete: Michi Mautz
Photo: Hansi heckmair


From the right preparation to the training of the release - learn more about the AVABAG avalanche airbag in our SERVICECLIPS. The four short tutorials provide you with information about (I) the preparation of the AVABAG, (II) the installation of the venturi unit, (III) the unlimited training opportunity and (IV) the release and folding of the bag.

Because only the safe handling can protect you in case of emergency. 

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AVABAG operation instructions

AVABAG operation instructions

Setting the handle correctly

Because of individual cases in which the incorrect set of the AVABAG handle led to self-activations we would like to once again draw attention to the correct way to set up the length of the handle.

AVABAG Serviceclip I

Preparation of the AVABAG

This tutorial showcases how to prepare the AVABAG for touring. 

AVABAG Serviceclip II

Installing the unit

This tutorial showcases how to install the venturi unit.

AVABAG Serviceclip III

Unlimited Training

This tutorial showcases the AVABAG's unlimited training opportunity.

AVABAG Serviceclip IV


This tutorial showcases the release and folding of the bag.