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Alpine Basics

Alpine Basics

From the climbing park to large alpine rock faces

Impressive and imposing, almost endless rock faces tower up into the sky. Climbing them requires determination, courage, self-confidence, physical strength, but above all knowledge. Alpine climbing is the ultimate discipline in climbing. When it comes to difficulty in the sport of climbing, huge rock faces really take it to the next level: Physically demanding climbs, a sense of orientation, route finding, often challenging protection techniques as well as physical and mental skills pose new challenges for alpine climbers and require well-founded knowledge.

The first chapter will introduce you to the alpine basics: We will look at the subjective and objective alpine dangers, including the weather and all the risks it entails. In terms of rock knowledge, we will get to know different types of rock, each requiring a different form of climbing and protection. In the last part of this chapter, we will take a closer look at the equipment every rope team needs.

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