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Learned much? About what effect UV rays have in water treatment, about the fragrant enjoyment of lesser calamint or the mise en scène of the mountains? Take the quiz to check what you have learned from this chapter for your next alpine tour, when you will be able to consciously use all of your senses. 

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Which medicinal plant covers rugged rocky landscapes with a carpet of white flowers?

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Ribwort Plantain
What is ribwort plantain also known as in Germany?

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Ski lifts
Roughly how many ski lifts and cable cars are there in the Alps?

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Animals and Plants
How many plant and animal species become extinct every day?

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Our consumer behavior has the power to make a big impact – and the potential to save. Every acquisition can be questioned and with every purchase you cast a vote. But how can we consume more sustainably? We’ll tell you in the next chapter

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