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For all skiers and snowboarders: Let's go up to the mountains!

Strap on your skis or get on your board and leave all your troubles behind for a day, a weekend or a whole vacation. It's easy, with the right preparation. Don't compromise on safety - you can rely on DSV - the number one in skiing!

DSV aktiv membership with insurance coverage insures all your skis and snowboards (including rental ski and snowboards) as well as your own person.
DSV insurance packages Proven hundred-thousandfold for decades, made-to-measure and one of the lowest priced insurance throughout the market!

More information about the original, our DSV-insurance packages, see types of membership.

Antragsformular für eine DSV aktiv-Mitgliedschaft mit Versicherungsschutz

Infos zur Partnermitgliedschaft
Multiple persons can join together for a partner membership.

  • Designation of the person who is in authority (e. g. for invoicing)
  • Uniform insurance coverage
Infos zur Familienmitgliedschaft
Significant price advantages for families with children under the age of 18.
Persönliche Daten
Weitere Personen
Gewünschter Beginn der Mitgliedschaft
Ab dem
03:00 Uhr
Entitlement to all benefits of membership and insurance coverage you will obtain to the desired time (after application at the earliest), provided the premium is paid promptly. This offer is valid since first of October 2018.
Beginning and duration of membership Membership and insurance coverage begin on the day after you send off your application, provided the fee is paid immediately. Membership and insurance coverage expire retroactively if the direct debit authorization is not honoured by your bank or revoked by the issuer or if the invoice is not paid immediately upon receipt.

Membership and insurance coverage remain in force from the day the policy is issued for a period of one year and are extended automatically from year to year, unless the membership is terminated in writing at expiration date with three months' prior notification. Insurance coverage ends on the same date on which membership is terminated. Membership fees, including insurance premiums, are paid to a separate billing centre.
Our insurance partners DSV insurance packages are underwritten by our long-standing insurance partners, ARAG Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, ARAG SE and EUROPA Versicherung AG. Insurance coverage is provided in accordance with the provisions of the group insurance contract concluded with our insurance partners. Members receive confirmation of membership along with a detailed description of insurance terms and conditions. If insurance benefits or insurance premiums are changed for existing policies at the beginning of a policy year, these changes are regarded as accepted upon payment of the first premium which falls due following the announcement of the changes. Every member is entitled to claim insurance benefits directly from our insurance partners.
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