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Dave Bourassa

Skiing for me is the purest form of freedom and adventure. It's the most direct connection to my soul. In the end it's not about what you skied, it's about how much fun you had doing it. Skiing is about developing a profound and intimate relationship with nature. Nothing better than plugging in your soul to the mountains and giving it all that you have. Skiing is life.


Evergreen, Colorado


ORTOVOX, DPS Skis, Backcountry United


Come home safely to my family every evening with a massive smile on my face and a greater appreciation for the mountains.

Why Ortovox?

ORTOVOX is a company that puts quality and safety at the top of the list when it comes to their products. Very proud to represent the best of the best when it comes to outerwear and avalanche emergency equipment.

Favorite Summit

The next one…..

Best Descent

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Safety Tip

Know before you go. Take the time to read avalanche forecasts, weather forecasts, observations, reports, etc. before you head out into avalanche terrain. Look for trends in the forecast and develop a plan for your tour based on those trends and observations and data you've collected. Develop a system for gathering the appropriate information and organize it in a way that is useful for both you and your partners for that day. You can never be overprepared.


Living life to the fullest without any regrets with my lovely wife, while raising a smart and adventurous daughter.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Dave Bourassa
Dave Bourassa
Dave Bourassa
Dave Bourassa
Dave Bourassa
Dave Bourassa