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Basic guidelines for tour planning

You’ve packed your backpack and checked the avalanche bulletin and the weather forecast? Before you throw your skis into the car and set out on your tour, you should get familiar with a few standards and basic guidelines regarding the terrain.

In this quiz, a few basic guidelines have been mixed in with some common misconceptions. Drag the correct statements that apply to every good tour plan into the picture below and you can start your tour with confidence.
  • You should never go touring alone
  • I can check the weather by looking out the window
  • You should arrange gathering points for before and after the tour
  • 300–400 m/hour is a realistic ascent rate
  • I’m safe from avalanches in the forest
  • There is always an alternative destination planned
  • A good group size is ten people
  • If I have an avalanche airbag, I don’t need a transceiver