Avalanche Transceivers: Software updates

Here you can find an overview of the latest software updates for ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers as well as FAQs about software updates.

FAQs about updating the software of your avalanche transceiver

With the avalanche transceivers S1 and S1+, the current software version, e.g. 2.0, appears after switching on.

With the avalanche transceivers ZOOM and 3+, the software version appears after the serial number and battery status are displayed.

A software update of your avalanche transceiver can be done by your ORTOVOX dealer. Alternatively, you can send your avalanche transceiver directly to our service center.

You can find your nearest ORTOVOX dealer by using our STORE LOCATOR. It is up to the retailer whether or not there are any costs for the update.

Alternatively, you can send in your avalanche transceiver by filling out a service request in our ORTOVOVX customer account (under "my service requests").

Please do not send your avalanche transceiver freight collect, in this case we cannot accept the package.


The software version of the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE is currently available in its first version.

version 1.1


Launched in October 2021, the software for the DIRACT and DIRACT VOICE is currently available in version 1.1.

The accompanying ORTOVOX app will automatically inform you of important software updates.



ortovox 3+

The current software version of your 3+ avalanche transceiver is displayed after switching on by serial number and battery status.

version 2.3

the latest software version (june 2020)


The new software version 2.3 for the ORTOVOX 3+ offers the following update:

  • Improvement of the self-test when switching on the avalanche transceiver
Available from June 2020

Version 2.2

Old software version

Rectifying the possible disruption of the transmission function caused by software version 2.1.

  • Improved intuitive search sound and clear acoustic feedback when flagging
  • Improved coarse search: Earlier direction indication
  • Earlier fine search: Sound at 3.0m, tendency display at 2.5m
  • Self-Test / Partner-Check: Warning is displayed as „EE“
  • Indication of transmitting antenna in first 20 seconds (Smart Antenna)
Version 2.1

Old software version

Note: In some very rare situations temporary disruption of the transmission function may occur on our 3+ avalanche transceivers running software version 2.1. These devices may no longer be used without the required software update (version 2.2)


old version

  • Simultaneous and faster initial display of direction, distance and sound
  • Greater backward compatibility with analog devices
  • Acoustic warning 10 seconds before the automatic switchover to transmitting
  • Acoustic warning if the device is switched on but has remained stationary for 30 minutes (switch-off reminder)


Software update 2.2 for the ORTOVOX ZOOM+ avalanche transceiver. The update relates to the search function and enables a more stable signal search. signal search.

version 2.2


  • The update concerns the search function and enables a more stable signal search.
  • The software update is available for all ZOOM+ avalanche transceivers. It is in no way related to the safety of the device.

  • Users can register their device here and will then be informed of the steps they need to take to send in their device.

Available from Mai 2022


S1 and S1+

Once the welcome screen with the software version (e.g. 2.0) has been displayed, the S1+ starts a self-test.

The transmitter, receiver, and smart antenna sensors are checked. The remaining battery capacity is also displayes as a percentage (e.g. "99%").

version 2.0

current software version for the s1+

The following has changed since the introduction

  • Improved intuitive search sound and clear acoustic feedback when flagging
  • Fine search: Sound at 3.0m, tendency display at 2.5m
  • Customization of welcome screen: Password is not necessary/possible any more

VERSION 1.2.3488

current version for the s1

  • ‘Cancel marking’ function: press and hold the ‘OK’ button for 2 seconds
  • Activate the ‘Deep burial’ function by pressing the ‘OK’ button from a distance of 3 to 7 m
  • ‘Welcome screen customization’ function


old version for the s1

Significant optimizations and refinements to existing features

  • Faster display indication of the buried victims after switching to LOCATION by reducing the message "STOP-hand".
  • Protection of the "MENU button" against unintentional operation. Press and hold the MENU button for more than 2 seconds to call up the "MENU" function.
  • Optimized sensitivity for the indication “transmitter is located in front / in the rear” (180°-indication)
  • New hold function (inclination measurement)
  • Precise localization even of old and defective transmitters with frequency deviations of more than +-80 Hz.
  • Optimization and refinement of self test: transmitter, receiver, magnet sensors and battery capacity.

version 2.0

old version for the s

  • Improved self-test
  • New 4+ function
  • Automatic deep burial detection
  • UP-BOX
  • New user interface: further enhanced MENU
  • New direction indication
  • Enhanced liability and stability: resistance interference against electronic sources (radio, cell phones, cable railways)

version 1.0

alte version des s1

  • New case
  • New switch ON/ OFF
  • New 4+ function
  • New update capability
  • New MENU
  • New direction indication
  • Enhanced liability and stability: compass calibration, improved resistance against electrical and atmospheric interference, receiver parameters (detection of transmitters with a period as short as 500ms)

version 1425

basic version for the

  • Flip case with protected display
  • Revolutionary easy “transmit-search-switch”
  • Simultaneously scans all signals
  • Fully graphical display shows relative position and distance of transmitters
  • Signal analysis and marking function
  • 360°-degree indication
  • Indication of “transmitter is in front or in the rear”
  • Electronic compass and temperature indication
  • Inclination measurement
  • Automatic safety switch back into transmit mode (motion sensor)

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