Each product has its own care and washing instructions. You can find these either on the product, on the hangtag or in the care and washing instructions on our website.

To the care and washing instructions.

We recommend you do not dry clean your products.

Your can find our size table via the following link.


In our new MERINO HARDSHELL collection, we use the Toray Dermizax® NX membrane – probably the highest-performance membrane on the market! Unlike conventional membranes, this Japanese-made membrane is smart. It functions best when warm. The structure is not made up of micropores but is closed.

It is extremely breathable (up to 32,000 g/m²/24h), windproof and completely waterproof (min. 20,000mm). Even with little care, maximum outward diffusion is guaranteed. Dermizax® NX is ideal for high-action sports – the membrane can be stretched by 200% with no risk of delamination. Another feature that sets it apart from other membranes is its environmentally friendly, PFC-less production.

In the new MERINO HARDSHELL collection, we also use our MERINO MESH as a liner material – this creates a buffer effect that enhances the performance of the membrane (see MERINO MESH).

OUTER MATERIAL: 100% polyamide
MEMBRANE: 100% polyurethane (Toray Dermizax® NX)
LINING: 83% virgin wool (MERINO) + 14% polyamide + 3% elastane


In our new LEONE JACKET, we use the high-performance Toray Dermizax® DT membrane. This membrane from the Japanese manufacturer combines the waterproofing of a hardshell with the lightness and breathability of a windbreaker.

It is 100% windproof, waterproof (min. 20,000mm), breathable (min. 25,500 g/m²/24h) and elastic at the same time. The outer material provides maximum longevity. The polyamide is processed as part of a new webbing procedure, resulting in a 50% weight reduction with greater resistance. The patented micro bead structure on the interior provides long-term scuff resistance for the membrane underneath while increasing wear comfort on the skin.

OUTER MATERIAL: 100% polyamide
MEMBRANE: 100% polyurethane (Toray Dermizax® DT)
INSERTS: 100% polyamide
MEMBRANE: 100% (Toray Dermizax® NX)
LINING: 88% virgin wool (SWISSWOOL®) + 12% polylactide


The EV membrane works on the same principle as that of the Dermizax NX membrane used in our MERINO GUARDIAN SHELL and glove collection. The difference between the two Japanese membranes lies mainly in the breathability, which is slightly lower for the EV membrane (up to 32,000 g/m²/24h). Waterproofing values (min. 20,000mm H2O) and stretch are identical to those of the NX membrane. A feature that particularly sets it apart from other membranes is its environmentally friendly, PFC-less production. Our MERINO GUARDIAN SHELL is lined with merino wool laminated spotwise to the entire Toray membrane. The wool can absorb large quantities of moisture and then slowly release it back into the air. This buffer action supports the membrane, enables ideal management of temperature and moisture, and provides odor control.

OUTER MATERIAL: 100% polyamide
MEMBRANE: 100% polyurethane (Toray Dermizax® EV)
LINING: 100% virgin wool (MERINO)

For years we have chosen the farms in Tasmania that provide the wool for our products. We regularly visit the farm and raise issues of animal protection and land management practices. Mulesing is out of the question for us and we only choose farms that do NOT engage in this practice.

You can find more information on Tasmania and our wool via the following link.

You can find detailed descriptions of how high the water column is and whether a product offers wind and waterproofing on our detailed product pages.

A DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish is a water-resistant impregnation applied to a textile. The impregnation ensures that rain and snow run off more easily. A DWR finish is a particular advantage for textiles with membranes: it ensures that the outer material does not become soaked with water and that the breathable membrane can function. 

A DWR finish becomes less effective over time: This may be due to washing it in the washing machine or by hand, for example. Furthermore, scuffing (caused by backpacks, for example) or staining from oils and fats (such as sun cream) may reduce the functionality of the impregnation.

If worn regularly, the impregnation should be renewed once a year. But this does not mean immediately resorting to chemical products! The DWR finish can also be renewed with a ‘physical trick’. Warmth correctly reorients the molecules, thus reactivating them. This gives them back their water-resistant characteristics. To warm up the product, simply iron it gently (on setting 1 – place a cotton cloth between the iron and the material as a precaution). For all 3L jackets, apart from the Guardian Shell (note the care instructions here), the products can also be revived in a tumble dryer.

If impregnation is still necessary after this, a spray from a specialist store can be used. Please do not use any products that have to be added to the washing machine, as this would mean the ‘Merino Inside’ also gets impregnated from within, limiting the functionality of the wool and reducing the vapor permeability of the membranes. In addition, the care and washing instructions on the clothing should also be observed. If you are unsure, please contact your specialist store for advice!

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