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ISPO Gold Winner 2016/2017


Attualmente é possibile acquistare prodotti solo tramite i rivenditori specializzati ORTOVOX.


Lo zaino PEAK 45 è l’ideale per le escursioni in alta montagna. Lo zaino è molto robusto grazie alla lavorazione del materiale Nylon 420D Manstar estremamente resistente agli strappi e all’attrito. Gli spallacci e le cinture ai fianchi imbottiti garantiscono grande comfort perché distribuiscono equamente il carico tra le spalle e i fianchi. Una cerniera frontale consente di accedere direttamente al comparto principale. Un ulteriore punto di forza di PEAK 45 è il suo comparto di sicurezza separato, con possibilità di fissaggio per corda, piccozza e chiodi da ghiaccio oltre a un comparto per mappa separato e una tasca al fianco. La predisposizione per sistema d’idratazione e la rappresentazione grafica dei segnali d’emergenza alpini fanno anch’essi parte dell’equipaggiamento dello zaino.              

La particolarità di questo zaino è rappresentata dal sistema dorsale realizzato in lana svizzera pressata. Proprio come per i capi d’abbigliamento gli amanti della montagna traggono vantaggio dalla regolazione dell’umidità e dalla temperatura garantita dalla lana che crea una sensazione di comfort e mantiene asciutta la schiena. Grazie alla lana il dorso dello zaino può assorbire quasi 30 volte più umidità di un sistema dorsale paragonabile in schiuma e assicura quasi il 7% di traspirazione in più. La lana ha inoltre il vantaggio di permettere alla superfice di asciugarsi velocemente. La parte dorsale a tutto contatto aderisce al corpo e garantisce una distribuzione del peso ottimale.   La struttura dispone di due asticelle in alluminio che assicurano alta stabilitá ed estremo comfort anche con pesi notevoli.

  • Chiusura pettorale con fischietto di emergenza
  • Fissaggio snowboard e racchette da neve
  • Fissaggio piccozza e bastoncini
  • Cerniere impermeabili
  • Comparto di sicurezza separato
  • Rete di fissagio casco
  • Anello per materiale
  • Tasca a livello del fascione addominale
  • Comparto per mappa
  • A-Skifix
  • D-Skifix
  • Affrancazione corda
  • Cinghie di compressione
  • Predisposizione per sistema d’idratazione
  • Comparto superiore
  • Zip circolare
  • Sistema dorsale swisswool full contact
  • Fissaggio per bastoncini
  • Supporto bottiglia
  • gancio per chiavi
  • 1 x Carta d‘emergenza
  • Carico dall’alto
Peso Min. 1420 g / Max. 1490 g
Material Nylon 420D HD Ripstop + Nylon 420D Manstar

Campo d’impiego ideale


Escursione Alpina


Escursione sugli sci

Mostra informazioni
Informationen verbergen

La stampa (interno) mostra i segnali per le situazioni d’emergenza.

Tasca superiore con 2 comparti

Compreso di gancio per chiavi.

Comparto sicurezza separato

Accesso veloce all’equipaggiamento di emergenza.

Cinghie per il controllo del peso

Cinghie di compressione

Fissaggio per piccozza e attrezzi da ghiaccio, strap aggiuntiva incluso

Fissaggio Corda

Chiusura pettorale con fischietto di emergenza

Sistema dorsale swisswool full contact

Gestione della temperatura e distribuzione del peso.

Comparto per mappe/cartine


Attraverso il rivestimento in PU di tutti i materiali.

Tasca a livello del fascione addominale

Zip circolare

Per un accesso frontale al comparto principale.

Fissaggio piccozza e bastoncini


Fissaggio diagonale degli sci.

Recensioni dei clienti

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Wow. Leggero, comodo, inchiodato sulla schiena. Come non averlo. Lo schienale si asciuga in pochissimo tempo dal sudore.
I've owned an Ortovox Haute Route 45 for many years, and now have as well used an Ortovox Peak 45 for half a year for splitboard touring and mountaineering Great about the Peak 45:  + stiffer hip flaps allows for higher loads to carry comfortably (better than the Haute Route 45) + other than Julien mentioned below, the ice-axe attachments work very well for me, much easier to attach/take out an axe than with the classic fixation. (however I don't use heavily bent drytooling axes) + useful compartments + crampon fixation loops at the front + snowboard attachment + flat map pocket + helmet net also usable on the top lid (e.g. when carrying a snowboard on the frontside of the pack) + adjustable straps for A-frame carry of even the widest skis Not so great:  - other than the Haute Route 45 which could be zipped fully open at the BACKSIDE, the Peak 45 unfortunately has the zipper on the front. This means, that you need to lay the pack into dirt, snow etc. with the back.  I don't want to stain and wet my pack and then my back consequently... Really don't understand, why Ortovox has given up the great previous design - when skiing or snowboarding with a helmet, the top lid touches the back of the helmet a little bit too easily - 100% watertight material would have been a nice touch for summer mountaineering. (cf. other brands' use of OutDry)
I recently bought this backpack who seemed to be well designed for ski touring and climbing. Several good points regarding the compartment for shovel and probe, and global design. it looks robust with a good amount of slings and possibilities. Back is comfortable even under heavy load. 2 things that are really bad designed: - ice axe carrier: 50 years ago, there was a very simple way to install axe on a backpack. efficient, simple, fast to install. why trying to re-event hot water? the ice axe carrier here is just a huge mess. no way to put ice climbing axe because the blade is too bent and just tear the bag. using clip at the bottom is also stupid idea. when it is cold and you have big gloves, well i finnaly put 2 small part of 4mm ropes to transform as old school and it works fine. i removes the clips totally useles. - the cord to lock the top of the bag is placed on the side and on the top of the extension. not a good idea when you want to put the hood inside the bag. you can not lock it. better to put the cord in the front as usual. I have not tested yet the ski carrier. i have just the impression that ski edges risk to tear the bag at the shovel place (bended surface). we will see. But far better quality than other bags i have seen on the market. and still almost a classical design which becomes very rare.
This is by far the best pack I have ever owned! Its super comfortable and carries well. The straps and hip belt are soft and have have not broken down in the two years I have owned this pack. I work as a climbing and skiing guide and I teach avalanche education in the winter and this pack has been with me for two years now. It has probably seen over 200 days of use. I have used this as a day pack for ski touring, overnight ski tours, ice climbing, rock climbing and overnight alpine climbing. My absolute favorite feature is the circumferential zipper. This allows the pack to be opened like a briefcase and it can be zipped from the top or bottom. In cold weather I leave my puffy jacket at the bottom of my pack and its always super accessible via the bottom zipper. I have had skis, crampons, a rope, a helmet, and an ice tool on this pack all at the same time and it does not feel crowded. I love having a big top loading pack that has a pocket for Avalanche rescue tools. Bottom line. I have used this pack everywhere from high alpine ski tours and alpine climbs to rock climbing in the desert and even a week long alpine climbing trip. All the zippers are still functioning and the material is holding up very well. When this pack finally does need to be retired I will replace it with another peak 45. *** Member of the Ortovox North American Athlete team ***
I used it for a one week glacier hike in Switzerland. It's a perfect bag: comfortable, plenty of room, everything is easily accessible. You can also fix many things outside the bag (in my case: crampons, snowshoes, hiking sticks, ice axe, camera tripod).
The perfect ski mountaineering pack! With a dedicated compartment for your shovel blade with sleeves for the handle and probe, it makes accessing your safety gear easy, and keeps these items separate from the rest of your stuff. The dedicated map pocket is a nice touch. The pack features dual ice axe carry, crampon straps, and a helmet carry that can be attached in 2 places, and the best part is all of these extras are easily removable for a clean pack if you don't need them. It has a top lid compartment handy for your snacks, and another sleeve inside the lid for your first aid kit. The full side zip is awesome, I can access my heavy water buried in the bottom with ease, no matter what is attached to the pack or how full it may be. The pack also has a top rope carrying strap, that can either be carried above or below the top lid. The top lid expands upward if you're carrying a full load, or can be cinched down to make it a smaller size for day tours. The side straps make an easy A frame style ski carry, or they can also cinch the pack tight for better carrying with smaller loads. The pack easily expands to fit a sleeping bag for hut tours. Also included are attachable straps to haul a snowboard if you still haven't figured out that skiing is better. There's a hip belt pocket, awesome for storing chap-stick and some candies, and on the opposite side there's a gear loop to hang some carabiners. The inside also has a hydration pack slot if you desire. The hip belt is robust and carries heavy loads well on your hips, and is easily adjustable in many ways. Honestly this pack is a home run, and there isn't a single feature missing and there's nothing extra you wouldn't need for ski mountaineering. The pack is well built and looks great. Just buy the damn thing and use it for day ski tours to overnight ski mountaineering objectives, it's so versatile! Great job by ortovox.
I used this for winter climbing / mountaineering in Scotland. It's a fantastic bag: light; stable on climbs; comfortable walking in; and super-easy to access (due to the full length zip). I was also very impressed with the level of attention to detail (colour-coded quick access into the top of the main compartment, velcro tabs to hold the straps in place where there's excess length). Top marks for clever Swiss design in action.
Super Rucksack dank dem swiss wool System ist der tragekomfor unvergleichlich!

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