The AVABAG system is designed for 20 activations with cartridge and 100 practice activations without cartridge. Every system that has been activated often must be subject to a complete check-up. A comprehensive general service must be carried out not later than 5 years after the purchase date. The service (subject to charge) includes an inspection of the entire AVABAG avalanche airbag. For this, take your AVABAG backpack with the AVABAG system and AVABAG cartridge to an authorized specialist AVABAG dealer.

Service life

Provided that the recommended maintenance schedule, the annual check-ups and appropriate handling are correctly adhered to, the AVABAG system has a maximum service life of 10 years.

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The AVABAG system must be stored in a dry place, out of the reach of children, at room temperature (approx. 20°C). The AVABAG cartridge can remain attached to the system for storage. However, its weight must be checked before every use. For longer storage periods, we recommend storing the cartridges separate from the AVABAG system. When separated from the AVABAG system, the AVABAG cartridge must always have its protective cap in place and be stored in its original packaging.


Only water should be used for cleaning the AVABAG system and the AVABAG backpack. Do not use solvents or aggressive cleaning agents. After being cleaned, the AVABAG system must be completely dried at room temperature before being reused, otherwise it is at risk of icing up.