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Min. 490 g / Max. 570 g


PFC frei

This product contains no environmentally harmful per- or polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).
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Recycled polyamide

For more sustainability! This product contains recycled polyamide.


This product was manufactured under fair working conditions in conformity with Fair Wear Foundation.
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Climate Neutral

This product is climate neutral. It was produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Any unavoidable CO2 emissions have been offset.
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Lightweight, minimalistic and sustainable climbing backpack for alpine tours.


  • Lightweight: 24l at just 570g – heavy in technology, light in weight
  • Streamlined: Full focus upon alpine function
  • Sustainable: Recycled polyamide, PFC-free and climate-neutral

Lightweight and minimalistic on alpine climbing tours: The TRAD ZERO brings no unnecessary weight or distracting features to the rock face!

Instead of a lid compartment, the TRAD ZERO 24 has a light, versatile lid flap that protects the backpack’s contents and also functions as a helmet- and rope-attachment. A silicone coating on the inside provides extra grip and keeps everything in the right place.

At just 570 grams, the alpine climbing backpack is a real lightweight and yet also scuff-resistant and long-lasting for harsh rock climbs – as is the whole TRAD line. This is thanks to robust 420 D Ripstop, which is made of 88% recycled polyamide.

Despite its minimalism, important details such as material loops, rope fastening options and a fastening for a hydration system are still included. Cushioned shoulder straps and a soft contact back ensure optimum comfort even when carrying angular climbing equipment. The lockable valuables compartment with key clip provides a safe space for important items.

The TRAD ZERO is a reliable companion for long and demanding alpine tours where every gram matters.

Area of usage

Alpine climbing 5/5
High Alpine 1/5
Alpine 3/5
Ski Tour 0/5
Freeride 0/5

  • Access to main compartment: Top
  • Map compartment
  • Rope attachment
  • Gear loops
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • Removable hip belt
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Bright Inside
  • Emergency Card

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420D RIPSTOP (88% recycled Polyamide)


(5.0)  1  Review
Mar 29, 2023
Alpine climbing
Nach einem Jahr intensiver Nutzung: Dies is mein absoluter Lieblingsrucksack für alle leichten und schnellen Tages-Kletter/Wander/Skitouren. Er ist sehr bequem und ich liebe das unkomplizierte Zugriffssystem. Auch die seitlich zugreifbare Tasche am Rücken ist praktisch, vor allem beim Klettern, wenn man nicht den ganzen Rucksack absetzen muss um die Topo auf dem Handy zu checken. Für richtige Topokarten müsste sie aber noch größer sein, sonst ist es zu friemelig wenn der Rucksack wirklich voll ist. Den Helmaussatz so wie er auf den Fotos angedacht ist benutze ich eigentlich nie, weil dadurch das Hauptfach blockiert ist. Stattdessen habe ich mir das orthovox Helmnetz bestellt und klemme ihn dann an den vorgesehen Haken auf die große Fläche, das funktioniert super. Wenn es nicht benutzt wird lässt sich das Helmnetz auch super in der Tasche unterbringen in der die obere Lasche drinsteckt wenn man sie grade nicht braucht. Komplett perfekt wäre der Rucksack wenn noch der zusätzlichen Zugang an das Hauptfach per Reisverschluss wie beim Trad 28 vorhanden wäre. Also könnte man beim Trad 28 das Top komplett enfernen (momentan ist es vernäht)... hätte man beide Rucksäcke in einem. Vielleicht kommt das ja in der nächsten Version :) After a year of intensive use: This is my absolute favorite backpack for all light and fast day climbing/hiking/ski tours. It's very comfortable and I love the uncomplicated access system. The pocket on the back that can be accessed from the side is also practical, especially when climbing, when you don't have to take off the whole backpack to check the topo on your cell phone. But for real topo maps it would have to be even bigger, otherwise it's too fiddly when the backpack is really full. I actually never use the helmet cover as it is shown in the photos because it blocks the main compartment. Instead, I ordered the orthovox helmet net and then clamped it to the hooks provided on the large surface, it works great. When not in use, the helmet net can also be stowed away in the pocket where the upper flap is inserted when you don't need it. The backpack would be completely perfect if there was additional access to the main compartment via a zip, as with the Trad 28. So you could completely remove the top of the Trad 28 (currently it's sewn up)... you'd have both packs in one. Maybe that will come in the next version :)
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Servus Frieda, danke für dein tolles Feedback und deine Top Bewertung. Wir freuen uns, dass du so zufrieden mit unserem Trad Zero 24 bist.  Servus Frieda, thank you for your great feedback and your top rating. We are glad that you are so satisfied with our Trad Zero 24.
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Christina, ORTOVOX

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