ortovox servicecard

Dear ORTOVOX customer, 

Welcome to the service card. We have prepared a form to ensure the straightforward and rapid processing of your service request. If you have a problem with your device, if it is defective or if you simply want to have it checked, please follow the steps below. (*) We recommend having your device checked for the first time after 5 years, and every 2 years after that. You can find out the precise service costs by filling out the service card form. We ask that you use the check-up service in the summer so that your avalanche transceiver is ready for use on your next tour. 

(*)Warning: All devices must be sent to the service center with the filled out service card form (the recipient address will be filled out automatically on your printed service card form).


After expiry of the 5 year factory warranty, we recommend that your device is serviced, and thereafter every two (2) years.


  • Functional test on the transmitter and receiver
  • Check seal and replace if necessary
  • Check battery contacts and battery power and, if necessary, replace battery (new batteries will be charged separately, and the replaced batteries returned to you)
  • Test earphone socket (earphones will not be tested)
  • Visual check for cracks in the housing (if any cracks are detected, the avalanche transceiver must be replaced – see repair service)
  • Affix sticker with the recommended inspection date
  • Install latest update for the 3+, S1 and S1+ devices


If your transceiver needs to be repaired, it will be exchanged for a rebuilt device of the same model and year. This repair is intended for any 3+, S1+, S1, ZOOM+ f1 classic, f1 focus, m1 and m2:


  • If needed totally new transmitting and receiving circuits
  • new batteries
  • If needed reconditioned casing (not for m1 und m2)
  • If needed new contacts