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Max Kroneck

Max grew up in the mountains. At the age of only two years and after his first ski attempts, he discovered his passion for skiing. Still in his childhood, he started to explore the backcountry and enjoyed his first ski tours with six years. As a youth, he got a good technical base by training with the german "Mogul" team. Soon he broadened his skiing skills with the disciplines slopestyle and halfpipe, where he got great feedback by his different contest successes. He has always been keen to challenge himself. His fascination for mountains comes from his experience in alpine mountaineering combined with technical skiing and creative freeriding skills. Max Kroneck is characterized by his unlimited joy in the mountains and his dedication to succeed.




ORTOVOX, Fischer, Vaude, Alpina, Blacksheepsports


Die Umsetzung neuer Film- und Fotoprojekte - unter anderem zwei eigene, langjährig geplante Skifilme.

Warum Ortovox?

Sicherheit, die auch noch sehr gut aussieht.



beste Abfahrt

Top Secret ;-)

Safety Tip

"Obacht geben, länger leben!" - Das ist leichter gesagt als getan. Für mich ist es immer sehr wichtig einen zweiten Plan, eine redundante Sicherung in der Hinterhand zu haben.


Film productions: MIDIAFILM "Profile""Charkters on Skis""Wishes and reallity"EL-FLAMINGO FILMS "Chasing Powder""You & the Fools" Contest Results: 7. Global Ranking FreerideWorldQualifier 20141.German Halfpipe Master 2012 1. German BigAir Master 2008

Alles geht, nur der Frosch hüpft!
Max Kroneck
Max Kroneck
Max Kroneck
Max Kroneck