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Aaron Rice

Aaron's dedication to skiing began in earnest while racing in high school and taking weekend trips with friends up to Vermont and Maine. He attended school in VT where he truly fell in love with the mountains and began touring and pushing 100-day seasons. After graduating from the University of Vermont he headed out to Alta, UT and spent the next three years backcountry skiing. He began pushing himself to ski LONGER days, FASTER on the uphill and HARDER lines of increasing technicality. Going on 24-hour long tours, rappelling into lines and skimo racing for fun became the standard. In 2016 he broke the record for most human-powered vertical feet skied in a calendar year by skiing 2.5 million vertical feet! Aaron now lives in Vermont, where he skis as many days a season as he can.


Stowe, VT


ORTOVOX, Jaybird, Julbo, The Sport Loft, DPS Skis,The Flyin' Ryan Foundation, Dissent Labs, Dynafit


After skiing 2.5 million human-powered vertical in 2016 and setting the new world record, I plan to continue skiing in earnest while also balancing my life a bit better, valuing relationships with others, and building community and place.

Warum Ortovox?

Wool! (Isn't that enough??) Great products that are designed to an incredibly high level. Skinning 10k per day means I need to have gear that will last. Also, I love how colorful it is!


Mount Superior, UT - Volcan Lanin, Argentina/ Chile - Mount Mansfield, VT

beste Abfahrt

2AM full moon descent (no headlamps) of the South Face of Superior in waist deep blower!

Safety Tip

In the same way you would do an avalanche danger red flag checklist at the start of a tour, do a heuristic run through with the group at the beginning of the tour. It's better to be "that guy" than to be buried in an avalanche.


World record holder for most human-powered vertical feet skied in a year. Completion of a 25-hour tour with no breaks (more than 10min for water and food) earning 24,000 feet in that time and skiing all 21-named runs in Days Fork in Alta, UT. (Jan. 7th&8th 2015)

"Just keep swimming" - Dori (Finding Nemo)
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice