You can find how to measure your back length and find suitable backpacks via the following LINK.

The difference is in the back length and the size of the protector. 

Note the following size specifications for the protector to ensure optimized protection against injury:


FREE RIDER 14S and 22S:

Back length: 36–44cm

Height: 150–175cm


FREE RIDER 16 and 24:

Back length: 42–50cm

Height: 170–195cm


FREE RIDER 18L and 26L:

Back length: 47–55cm

Height: 180–200cm


The indicated size specifications are advisory only. Because the relationship between height and back length is different for everyone, you should always try on the backpack at a specialist dealer.

More information on back lengths can be found HERE.

The S indicates those backpacks with a short back length.

More information on back lengths can be found HERE.

Contact your dealer, who can then request the required replacement parts from us.

Take your defective backpack to your dealer or contact the store where you bought it. The dealer/store will then contact us and send the product to us. We will inspect the product and, if it is covered by the warranty, it will be repaired, exchanged or refunded.

If you would like your product returned regardless, please notify us of this in advance. If we provide a refund, we will keep the item.

As a general rule you can use any hydration system. For ORTOVOX backpacks we recommend the 2L or 3L Steamer hydration system from Deuter.

Hydration system compatibility is one of our backpack standards. This means a hydration system can be used in any current ORTOVOX backpack.

The various fastening options for our backpacks are indicated on the backpack’s hangtag.

You can find the appropriate hangtag for your backpack HERE.

All ORTOVOX shovel and probe models fit in all ORTOVOX backpacks with an extra safety compartment or a fastenings for safety equipment in the main compartment.

*TOUR RIDER 28 S / CROSS RIDER 20 S /FREE RIDER 20 S are not compatible with our KODIAK 3.1 bucket

No! The AVABAG system can only be fitted in backpacks that have the word AVABAG in the product name.

Because the seams aren’t taped or welded, the backpacks can only be said to be “water-resistant” and not “waterproof”. In addition, some of the zippers that are used are water-resistant but not waterproof. We use coated fabrics that guarantee a water column of at least 1500mm for all of our backpacks. If the backpack will be used often in heavy rain, we recommend using a rain cover.

No, the DRY backpacks are not waterproof, yet they do not need a rain cover. The seams are all taped and the outer material is waterproof, but water can still get in through the zippers. Therefore, the DRY backpacks are weatherproof and keep their contents dry when it rains. Nevertheless, we recommend using a rain cover in persistent heavy rain.

1 PREPARATION: Shake out or vacuum your backpack and, if necessary, remove the frame.
2 RINSING: Brush off dried-on dirt or rinse under the shower.
3 WASHING: Fill bathtub/shower or washbasin with lukewarm water, add a suitable detergent and soak the backpack. ATTENTION: Never use aggressive detergents or chlorine detergents. These destroy the PU coating (protection).
4 WIPING: After a short soak time, remove dirt on the inside and outside using a soft brush or microfiber cloth.
5 Squeeze out all PADDED SECTIONS a few times in the water. This will get rid of all sweat marks (salt, skin oil and sun cream)
6 ZIPPERS can be easily cleaned in water using a toothbrush.
7 RINSING OUT: Fully rinse the backpack to remove all residue detergent.

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