MERINO t-shirts for men

Discover ORTOVOX merino t-shirts for men: Sustainable merino wool and innovative fibers such as Nuyarn® and Tencel™, a comfortable fit and high comfort make this t-shirt your perfect companion for mountain sports.


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Merino t-shirts for men: What are they suited for?

ORTOVOX merino wool t-shirts for men are lightweight, elastic and yet robust. Whether for climbing, high alpine tours or as functional underwear for winter ski tours – we offer a wide range of merino t-shirts for various outdoor activities.


What makes ORTOVOX merino wool t-shirts so special?

The innovative material composition and processing of our merino t-shirts will impress you with great comfort, top quality and extremely high functionality. High-quality merino wool and fibers such as Nuyarn® and Tencel™ ensure elasticity, stability and excellent climate control.

Multitalented merino wool – our material for merino t-shirts

Merino wool is a natural, sustainable and functional fiber. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it’s perfect for mountain sports – and thus perfect for ORTOVOX merino t-shirts for men.

Discover the benefits of merino wool in mountain sports

  • Odor neutralizing: You can wear a t-shirt for several days in a row and neutralize sweaty odors simply by airing it out.
  • Moisture regulating: Wool fibers are hydrophilic and can thus absorb a great deal of moisture without feeling wet to the touch.
  • Temperature regulating: In warm ambient air, moisture dries more quickly and the evaporation creates a cooling effect. In cold air, wool keeps you warm by trapping your body heat.
  • Soft: The wool fibers are so fine that they feel comfortably soft against the skin even during rigorous activity.

We explain more about the exciting properties of our wool under functions of wool.

An innovation for mountain sports: A material mix of merino wool and functional fibers

It’s not just merino wool that makes ORTOVOX t-shirts for men stand out. High-quality processing and a special yarn composition also make it your perfect companion for mountain sports.

To ensure you can enjoy your merino t-shirt for years to come, we use a sophisticated manufacturing process that combines merino wool with natural Tencel™ fibers or synthetic polyamide fibers. This makes our t-shirts for men elastic and durable.

If you’d like to learn more about our materials and processing, then take a look at our material lexicon.


Do you have any questions about our merino t-shirts for men?

You can easily order your ORTOVOX merino t-shirt online and have it delivered to your home. If you’re unsure which t-shirt is best for your outdoor activity or if you have any questions about our materials, simply give our customer service a call or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to help!