coping with moth bites

CSI Closet:

CSI Closet:

They’re yellow and they love dark spaces with a comfortable temperature of around 24°C. And although they’re just under one centimeter long, they don’t half cause trouble as they run riot in our closets – particularly in the period between May and August. We’re talking about moths: They mainly survive on a diet of keratin fibers, i.e. wool, hair and feathers. What should you do if you find that one of your beloved ORTOVOX products has been nibbled by a moth?

Step one:
Get to the bottom of the issue and find the root of the evil. Which textiles are infested? Keep your eyes peeled for holes, eggs or larvae.

Step two:
Thoroughly clean the cracks and crevices of your closet. Grab the vacuum cleaner and clean everything. Only use a damp cloth to clean if you’re sure you can air the space well afterwards.

Step three:
Clean your textiles. Start by beating them clean, then vacuum and wash them.

Step four:
When you have cleaned your textiles, spread them out in the sunlight.
Moths hate daylight, plus direct exposure to the sun will kill any potentially harmful larvae and eggs.

Step five:
Deal with all your non-washable textiles. Wrap them all up and repeatedly expose them to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Either leave them in the freezer overnight or the put them in the oven for 60 minutes at 70°C.

But you can also preventative action: Prevent the worst-case scenario by regularly airing your garments and cupboards. Cedar wood and lavender leaves also work well – try leaving some in your closet.