Outdoor first aid kits

ORTOVOX outdoor first aid kits are a must for any tour – in winter and summer, for ski touring, alpine touring or alpine climbing. The additional ORTOVOX emergency card provides rescuers with important information and personal details in an emergency, with intelligent solutions such as the FIRST AID ROCK DOC scoring top marks for ease of use.


Protection and rescue with ORTOVOX outdoor first aid kits

ORTOVOX first aid kits are specially equipped for mountain sports and provide everything you need in a minor or major emergency in the mountains – from rescue blanket to blister bandages.

The contents are clearly divided into separate compartments. We have labeled each compartment for you so you can immediately find what you need in an emergency. Additional illustrations on the first aid kit help you with first aid tips.


For what activities are the outdoor first aid kits suited?

Our first aid kits for mountain athletes are designed for use in winter and summer. Thanks to their low weight of 140g to 220g, they make for a lightweight, compact companion – whether you’re freeriding or on a demanding alpine tour.

For alpine climbers we have developed a chalk bag with integrated first aid kit to give you quick access in an emergency. If your first aid kit needs to be waterproof, check out our FIRST AID WATERPROOF kits.


Room for more – what else belongs in an outdoor first aid kit?

All of our first aid kits have additional room for your own personal items. For example for:

  • Personal medication
  • Painkillers
  • Tick tweezers
  • Antiseptic

Remember to replace any first aid items you’ve used on your tour. Only a fully equipped first aid kit will help you give the best possible aid in an emergency.


The ORTOVOX emergency card

Our emergency card contains important information for first aiders and medical professionals. For example 

  • Emergency numbers
  • Alpine emergency signals
  • Your personal contact info
  • Information about allergies and illnesses

Fill out your emergency card immediately after purchasing and keep it in your outdoor first aid kit. An emergency card comes with every kit and ORTOVOX backpack.

To ensure you’re perfectly equipped for an emergency, we recommend taking a look at the GUIDE BOOKS SNOW and ROCK from the ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY digital training platform. Or you can take part on one of our ALPINE FIRST AID COURSES.


More questions regarding our outdoor first aid kits?

If you need more information or you still have questions about our first aid kits, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!