Photo: Hansi Heckmair


Dear user,

We are happy to provide you with free photos of our products from the last few years for multiple uses. As we have not purchased unrestricted rights from the copyright holders for all uses, however, several rules must be observed so that we can continue to offer this service in the future. In using our images, you agree to observe the following conditions:

Use by third parties is prohibited unless:

  • A clear reference to the brand ORTOVOX is made during the use. E.g. catalogue advertising, display window advertising or the design of ORTOVOX advertising materials etc.
  • Usage is for PR purposes. A clear reference to the ORTOVOX brand must again be made.
  • The alienation of the images is prohibited. This particularly includes the masking of ORTOVOX trademarks.
  • The image caption should be as follows for all uses: ORTOVOX / PHOTOGRAPHER
  • A proof copy must be submitted to ORTOVOX for prior written approval

By clicking on the confirm button, you will be redirected to our Dropbox, which contains a selection of images and videos. If you have any further image/video requests or if you have any other questions, you can call us on: 0049(0)89-66674-0; or send an email to: