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TOUR 32+7 ABS & TOUR 30+7 W ABS

In activation trials performed on empty ORTOVOX avalanche airbag models TOUR 32+7 ABS and TOUR 30+7 W ABS, triggering was hampered in extremely rare cases, with only one of the two airbags opening.

Internal tests showed that models shipped before October 15 may be affected. We are hence reacting immediately and are issuing the precautionary recommendations for retrofitting the TOUR 32+7 ABS and TOUR 30+7 WOMAN ABS models before using. The cause of the issue has already been identified and can be eliminated through attachment of the ABS DOOR OPENER KIT.

The FREE RIDER 24 ABS, FREE RIDER 24 W ABS and FREE RIDER 26 ABS models are explicitly NOT affected. However, we will be happy to send the ABS DOOR OPENER KIT to anyone who would still like to retrofit their backpack.

If you own one of the affected models, please enter your contact data in the form on the right. We will send you the ABS DOOR OPENER KIT needed for retrofitting free of charge as soon as possible. We will keep your data confidential and will only use it for this retrofit campaign.

In addition to providing information on our website, we have set up a service hotline: Send an e-mail to or call us at +49-89-666-74-0 to receive further assistance.

The following video shows you how to install the ABS DOOR OPENER KIT in your ORTOVOX ABS backpack

Cant watch the video? An installation guide can be found here.



The safety of our customers has been our highest priority for 34 years now. Despite our continuous quality control optimization efforts, we have now discovered an empty backpack test activation scenario that has never before been seen in our development and QA processes. In extremely rare cases, one of the two hook and loop fastener openings that the airbags pop out through when activated may not open. The reason for this is the fluctuating, excessively high holding strength of the hook and loop fastener fasteners, which leads to delayed opening. This causes one of the airbags to inflate inside the backpack to such an extent that it can no longer fit through the hook and loop fastener secured opening. Although a balloon is present, the full effect of the ABS system is not achieved. These rarely occurring malfunctions have only been found up to now in empty backpacks and not in the regular situations found in practice in which the backpack at least contains a shovel and a probe.
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