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North America is not affected by this recall!
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During search training, avalanche transceivers of the ORTOVOX 3+ model switched to transmission mode unintentionally after 120 seconds in search mode. Internal tests showed that a certain production batch of the 3+ can exhibit this behavior.We are responding immediately and, as a precaution, are recalling all devices shipped to vendors after October 17, 2012, for inspection and a software update. These devices can no longer be used without an update.

Please determine if your device is affected by checking the serial number of your device and entering it in the box on the right: The 10-digit number will appear on the display 2 digits at a time when the 3+ is switched on.

For further support, please get in touch with our hotline:
+49 89 666 74 212 or drop us a message:

Background information regarding the recall:
The safety of our customers has been our top priority for over 33 years. Despite our continuously optimized quality control measures, we have now discovered a scenario that has never occurred before in our QA processes. Due to the use of a new motion sensor used for follow-up avalanche switchover, a safety-relevant mistake occurred in practice, despite successful function tests: The affected 3+ devices do not receive a sensor signal, despite motion, and hence incorrectly activate the follow-up avalanche switchover after 120 seconds without user intervention; i.e., they switch from search mode to transmission mode. Manual switching of the device to search mode allows the search to be continued. However, in serious cases, this defect can hinder or impair rescue measures.
In case of burial, the secure transmission function of the device is still ensured with no limitations, despite this error.
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