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Warranty-Transceivers, Safety Products and Backpacks
If you originally bought your ORTOVOX product from an authorized ORTOVOX dealer, we grant a five (5) year ORTOVOX factory warranty on all avalanche transceivers starting with the date of production (the warranty expiration date is indicated on the battery compartment test seal. IV/10 means that the factory warranty period will expire with the end of the 4th quarter 2010) and for safety system products and backpacks with the date of your sales receipt. On the shovel ORANGE we grant a two (2) year warranty. Defects caused by accidents, normal use (that dont affect the functions), wear and tear or improper use are excluded from warranty. In case of warranty, we repair or replace the product. Earphones and batteries are excluded from warranty. Warranty services neither prolong nor renew the period of warranty.

How do I know if a beacon is in warranty?
A beacon has a five year limited manufacturers warranty. The red sticker inside of the battery compartment indicates the warranty end date. For example, if the sticker says IV-14, the warranty is good until end of 4th quarter 2014, or Dec. 31, 2014.

What is recourse if a beacon is not functioning and is within the warranty period?
The beacon will be repaired or replaced, free of charge, with a like model beacon.

What does the warranty cover?
Faulty parts will be replaced free of charge. Defects caused by wear and tear or improper use (i.e. battery leakage, liquid in case, trauma to the case) are excluded by the warranty.

Where is my nearest dealer?
Please see our dealer locator.

My store is interested in becoming a ORTOVOX dealer, who do I contact?
Please contact

Im a professional working in the outdoor industry and Im interested in using ORTOVOX product for my profession, who do I contact?
Please contact

Where are ORTOVOX backpacks made?
ORTOVOX backpacks are made in Vietnam

Where are ORTOVOX beacons made?
ORTOVOX beacons are made in Germany

What off-season beacon storage precautions are advised?
Beacon should be stored in a cool dry place. REMOVE the batteries.

What battery type is recommended?
Use ONLY quality brand name alkaline batteries. NO rechargeable or lithium batteries should be used.

What are options if beacon is broken and out of warranty?
Out of warranty beacons are not repaired. It has been our experience that the repair costs outweigh the units value. We recommend that you visit your nearest retailer and upgrade to new beacon.

What should be done if an error code appears on an S1, 3+ or ZOOM+ Self-Test?
The beacon should be sent to Deuter USA for service or replacement. Please visit our warranty page
for instructions for returning your beacon. Be certain the Self-Test is conducted outside and away from any electromagnetic interference.

If the units sticker date indicates it is out of warranty, but the proof of purchase document show it was purchased within the five year limit, will ORTOVOX honor the warranty?
Absolutely. Include a copy of the purchase document, receipt, etc. along with the unit and the warranty will be honored.

Is there a charge for having my beacon tested?
Yes, there is a $30. fee. A check for $30. (includes shipping) is sent along with the unit.

Who is the distributor for ORTOVOX in the USA
Deuter USA is the distributor of ORTOVOX in the USA