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Photos and Videos

Dear user,
We are happy to provide you with free photos of our products from the last few years for multiple uses. As we have not purchased unrestricted rights from the copyright holders for all uses, however, several rules must be observed so that we can continue to offer this service in the future. In using our images, you agree to observe the following conditions:
  • Use by third parties is prohibited unless:
    • A clear reference to the brand ORTOVOX is made during the use. E.g. catalogue advertising, display window advertising or the design of ORTOVOX advertising materials etc.
    • UsageisforPRpurposes.AclearreferencetotheORTOVOXbrandmustagainbemade.
  • The alienation of the images is prohibited. This particularly includes the masking of ORTOVOX trademarks.
  • The image caption should be as follows for all uses: ORTOVOX / PHOTOGRAPHER (if evident from the file name or known)
  • ORTOVOX must be provided with a sample copy

This stick solely contains a small excerpt from our image database. If you require further motifs or have any questions about their use, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 0049(0)89-66674-0 or by e-mail at .